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Assorted Railroad Patches See Link $3.00 each
PRRH t-shirts - Black with small yellow PRRH logo. Child sizes $8.00
Adult S-M-L-XL $10.00
Adult XXL $12.00
PRRH Hats - 1 size fits all - Black or Yellow $7.00
CNJ Tree Ornament $5.00 each
Bel-Del map poster $10.00
Centerville & Southwestern red HO caboose $25.00
VHS Tapes

Becker's Train - The Story of the Centerville & Southwestern

A one hour look at the creation and operation of the world's finest 2 inch scale miniature railroad. Follow as Henry & Pauline Becker plan and construct the Centerville & Southwestern with the irreplacable help of the employees of the Becker Dairy Farm. Watch as the right-of-way is leveled and track is laid. Witness the arrival and testing of the magnicificant 4-8-4 Pocono type live steam engine.

Also Avalible on DVD.

$20.00 + $4.95 Shipping
New Jersey residents add $1.40 state tax
Amazing Alcos - Kalmbach $29.95
Amtrak's Northeast Corridor - Kalmbach $29.95
Best Of The East - Kalmbach $29.95
Big Power - Kalmbach $29.95
F Units In Action - Kalmbach $29.95
GM's Geeps In Action - Kalmbach $29.95
Horseshoe Curve - Kalmbach $29.95
Railroads And Intermodel - Kalmbach $29.95
Becker's Train - The Story of the Centerville & Southwestern
Also Avalible on VHS tape.
Dan Espy Espy Productions $20.00 + $4.95s/h
NJ residents add $1.40 state tax
Bygone Days On The Susquehanna Robert Underwood Ron Rail Productions $24.95
Erie Lackawanna In The Last Days Of The Golden Years Ronald C. Wallace Ron Rail Productions $24.95
Keystone State Trolleys Al Creamer Ron Rail Productions $24.95
New Jersey Trolleys In The Mid Century Al Creamer Ron Rail Productions $24.95
Our Memories Of The Erie Lackawanna Mentone Underwood Ron Rail Productions $24.95
Winter 2006-2007 Charles C. Kadyk Northwood Films $16.00
Along The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Marci Lynn McGuiness Arcadia $16.99
An American Journey Mark S. Vandercook Heimburger $33.95
An American Streamliner Donald J. Heimburger & Carl R. Byron Heimburger $46.95
Amtrak An American Story Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corp. $19.95
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Kirk Reynolds & Dave Oroszi Heimburger $21.95
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in the Potamic Valley Martin J. McGuirk   $19.95
Bethlehem Steel Railroading Nevin Sterling Yeakel TRP $24.95
Camelback Twlight - Vol. 2 Gerard E. Bernet RAE Publishing $19.95
Centerville & Southwestern Locomotive #1500 Tom Rose Tom Rose $2.00
Central Railroad Of New Jersey Historical Journal 2002 Frank Reilly Central Railroad Of New Jersey Historical Society $10.00
Central Railroad Company Of New Jersey - Its History and Employees Frank Reilly   $13.00
Central Railroad Of New Jersey Steam Locomotives In Action Benjamin L. Bernhart Outer Station Project $9.99
Chessie System Cumberland Thomas A. Biery TRP $39.95
Comprensive Guide To Industrial Locomotives     $25.95
Conrail's SD40 & SD40-2's Gerard E. Bernet   $19.95
A Chronology Of The Belvidere Delaware Railroad Warren F. Lee & Catherine T. Lee Bel-Del Enterprises $99.95
Delaware & Hudson Jim Shaughnessy   $37.00
The Delaware & Raritan Canal At Work Linda J. Barth Arcadia $19.99
Eastern Poconos: Delaware Water Gap Maria J. Summa, Frank D. Summa, Arthur Garris, Jr. Arcadia $19.99
Erie Lackawanna East #3 Karl R. Zimmermann Quadrant Press Review $9.95
Evolution Of The American Diesel Locomotive J. Parker Lamb Indiana $39.95
Great American Railroad Stations Janet Greenstein Potter Heimburger $29.95
Guide To North American Railroad Hot Spots J. David Ingles Kalmbach $24.95
Guide To North American Steam Locomotives George H. Drury Kalmbach $29.95
A Guide To Trains: The World's Greatest Trains David Jackson Fog City Press $7.00
Historic Easton Marie Summa, Frank Summa & Leonard Buscemi, Sr. Arcadia $19.99
History Of Lehigh & New England   LVC-NRHS $15.00
History Of Lehigh Valley Transit   LVC-NRHS $15.00
History Of Mack Rail Motor Cars & Locomotives   LVC-NRHS $10.00
It Comes From Within Christopher B. Ritchie Myron Bigger Group $10.00
Lackawanna Railroad Facilities In Color Volume 1 Robert Yanosey Morning Sun $59.95
Lackawanna Railroad Facilities In Color Volume 2 Robert Yanosey Morning Sun $59.95
The Lehigh Valley Railroad Across New Jersey Ralph A. Heiss Arcadia $21.99
Lehigh Valley Railroad Passenger Cars M. Mickey & D. Warfel Railroad Avenue Press $13.95
The Lehigh Valley Transit In Color Douglas E. Peters Morning Sun $59.95
Liberty Bell Route's 1000 Series   LVC-NRHS $10.00
Liberty Bell Route's Heavy Interurban   LVC-NRHS $10.00
The Locomotive History Of Ingersoll-Rand Ron Titus   $18.00
A Mile Deep And Black As Pitch Carrie Papa McDonald & Woodward $24.95
Model Railroader Bridges And Trestles Various Kalmbach $21.95
New York & Long Branch Benjamin L. Bernhart Outer Station Project $17.95
101 Track Plans For Model Railroads Lynn H. Westcott Kalmbach $14.95
Pennsy Streamliners Joe Welsh Kalmbach $49.95
Pennsylvania Railroad Mike Schafer & Brian Solomon MBI Publishing $22.95
The Pennsylvania Railroad At Bay Richard T. Wallis Indiana $44.95
Phillipsburg Dr. Leonard Buscemi, Sr. Arcadia $19.99
Railroad Stations Of New England Today - Volume 1 - B&M Mark W. Beauregard Railroad Avenue Enterprises $7.95
Railroads In The Lehigh Valley   LVC-NRHS $15.00
Railroads Of Monouth County Tom Gallo & William B. Longo Arcadia $19.95
Railroads Of New Jersey Lorett Treese Stackpole $19.95
Rails Across Central New Jersey     $22.95
Railway Art V. Hamilton Ellis N.Y. Graphic Society $9.95
Reading Railroad's T-1 Class Steam Locomotives Robert Gottschall & Benjamin Bernhart Reading Transportation Museum $49.95
Remembering The Caldwells Jorn J. Collins Arcadia $19.99
Royal Blue Line Herbert H. Harwood, Jr. Heimburger $22.95
A Sampling Of Penn Central Taylor indiana $59.95
Short Trolley Routes   LVC-NRHS $15.00
Shortlines & Industrail Railroads Of New Jersey - Vol 1 Benjamin L. Bernhardt Outer Station Project $24.95
Shortlines & Industrail Railroads Of New Jersey - Vol 2 Benjamin L. Bernhardt Outer Station Project $24.95
Steam To Diesel In New Jersey Charles P. Caldes Arcadia $19.99
Susquehanna - New York Susquehanna & Western RR (Soft Cover) John Krause & Ed Crist Carstens $15.95
Tourist Trains - 2005   Kalmbach $5.00
Tourist Trains - 2006   Kalmbach $10.00
Tourist Trains Guidebook   Kalmbach $18.95
Trackwork And Lineside Detail Kent Johnson & Various Kalmbach $18.95
Train Master - The Most Useful Locomotive Ever Built Diesal Era with David R. Sweetland Withers Publishing $29.95
Train Wrecks Of New Jersey's Railroads Benjamin L. Bernhart OSP Publishing $16.00
Trouble On The Tracks Kathy Mallat Walker & Co. $15.95
Twlight Of The Great Trains Fred Frailey   $49.95
Uncle Sam's Locomotives Eugene L. Huddleston Indiana $29.95
When The Steam Railroads Electrified William D. Middleton Indiana $65.00
Working Steam - Vintage Locomotives Today Hans Halberstadt Heimburger $22.95
HO track, Bachman EZ track 9" straight gray roadbed 4 sections $5.00
HO track, Bachman EZ track 18" radius curve gray roadbed 4 sections $5.00
HO trains assorted cars click here.