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Photos by Michael Lechicky
After our June open house concluded on Friday night June 17th, PRRH conducted its first Centerville and Southwestern Night Photo Special. As darkness approached, PRRH member Keith Muldowney wired up four C&S signals to add some realism to the shoot. These signals haven’t been illuminated in over 50 years since their days on the Becker Dairy Farm.

Engine 1503 is out of service with transmission problems but it was taken out of the shop and posed for this shoot. In this picture PRRH Chief Mechanical Officer Glenn Terminelli and Keith Muldowney replace a blown out headlight prior to the event.

1503 repair
After our open house was over, photographers who remained for the night photo session were taken on an extended ride while waiting for twilight to end.

A couple of photos of the little train adjacent to our parking lot west of the museum building.

1502 at night

CS trainset at night
The train and the 1503 were then moved to the loading platform / ticket booth area.

Crews comparing notes

1503 in front of ticket booth
The final pose of the night was at the east end of the carshop.

engines at carshop

engines at carshop
The photo session lasted till about 11:30 pm. Many of the attendees inquired if there would be another night session. There is no official word at this time but it is under consideration. Check this website or our Facebook page for any updates.

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