03/03/01 Trolley car 2651 gets a new home at the PRRH Museum. See the story and pictures of the move at
03/04/01 Mother Seton
We had a great time at the Mother Seton train meet. Ed sold a few of his video tapes and we got to talk to a bunch of people about PRRH and the Centerville & Southwestern. We showed excerpts from Ed's tape and also the History Of PRRH editted by Matt.
A special Thank You! goes out to Meg, who saved the day with her sandwiches.
04/27/01 Thanks to members of the Volunteer Railroaders Association, Friends of The New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Heritage Center, and the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians, about twenty tree saplings were planted on the grounds of the Historians. We also had reporters from The Free Press and The Express-Times covering the story. If we can keep the local riff-raff from destroying them, and they grow anything like the weeds we keep fighting, these trees will add a lot to our site. And a very special thanks to the Volunteer Railroaders Association for treating us to lunch at Joe's Steak Shop.
05/06/01 PRRH's first open house was a grand success! With all day tickets in hand, 158 riders rode the Centerville & Southwestern, which performed flawlessly (except for running out of gas, ooops). Countless others enjoyed browsing through our museum building. The engine house was open, with tours of the trolley 2651. Rail speeder rides were given, as well as tours of two vintage buses. Thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time and talents Sunday. And Thanks to all that came to see PRRH, and we hope to see you in July.
07/15/01 PRRH's second open house was also a grand success. Even though the weather was very hot, we had 82 riders on the Centerville & Southwestern. Trips were taken to the enginehouse, where the Hoopers greeted the visitors and showed the Public Service trolley 2651 under restoration . 2 members of the Volunteer Railroaders Association, Frank Eichenlaub and Charles Smith, brought their track speeders and gave rides. We had 2 antique tractor trailers and an antique fire engine!
09/07/01 We morn the passing of member Bob Kirkpatrick. A great friend and energetic member, he will be missed.
09/09/01 2nd annual PRRH picnic was a fun filled event. Thanks to all that attended and a very special thank you to all the behind the sceens organizers..
09/11/01 God Bless America
12/09/01 The first annual PRRH Santa Train trip on the Centerville & Southwestern Railroad was fun for everyone. Rides on the C&S, candy canes, coloring books, crayons and hot chocolate were given to all the children that braved a somewhat windy but nice day in December. Santa greeted the young ones and Christmas tunes could be heard comming from the gift shop. The grown-ups could get a cup of coffee as they browsed through the museum. Christmas cactus were offered for sale thanks to Bill Pensyl & Glen Summit Nurseries.
05/05/02 Our first Open House of the year went great. Attendance was steady all day and the weather was real nice. Refreshments were available along with Mike & Ike candies donated by Just Born of Bethlehem, PA.
06/16/02 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Our Hudson Valley fantrip sold out two busses, with enough people on the waiting list to fill another bus and a half. The weather started out overcast and rainy, but the sun came out on numerous occasions.. The bus trip up went fast. We rode the bus, then the train, had lunch, rode the bus, rode the boat, rode the bus, rode the train, rode the bus, ate dinner, and rode the bus. But it was all fun. We even got to see the 21st Century Limited special go roaring by with the two private cars on the end. NICE!
07/14/02 Another great Open House! The weather started out rainy and overcast, but as the day went on, the weather cleared up. Members of the Military Transport Association of North Jersey brought several beautifully restored military vehicles. Pictures can been seen of them in our photos section. The Centerville & Southwestern was kept full all day and fun was had by all.
07/28/02 The Mack Railbus belonging to the Lehigh Valley Chapter NRHS has arrived at the PRRH Museum. Click here for 3 photos of the move.
09/22/02 Open House and the 30 year anniversary of the closing of the Centerville & Southwestern in Roseland, NJ. We had a couple of hundred folks attend with many of them former employees or had ridden the C&S on the Becker Dairy Farm. We also had a very pleasant surprise guests: Mr & Mrs Henry (Gene) Becker! It was great to see the people responsible for this remarkable miniature railroad. Mr Becker even took the controls of the 1503 and gave the little engine a workout. He hadn't seen the engine in 30 years but it was like a second homecoming sitting in the engineer's seat. The only thing that would have made the day even greater would have been the appearance of the 1501.
02/06/03 CNUR Alcos pass through Phillipsburg on their way to the Delaware & Lackawanna in Scranton, PA. Click to see photos.
02/13/03 NS SD40-2 in it's Maersk-Sealand paint scheme on local H65. Click to see four digital photos.
04/02/03 PRRH has the sad job to report the death of Henry (Gene) Becker. Mr. Becker was the creator and operator of the wonderful miniature railroad known as the Centerville & Southwestern. The C&S ran on the Becker Dairy Farm in Roseland, NJ from the 1940's to 1972. After spending 20 years stored in a horse barn, the C&S is now running at our Museum and we are thankful that Mr. Becker got the opportunity to see and run his creation at our Open House last September. Our condolences go to Mrs. Pauline Becker. Gene has been a wonderful friend and benefactor. He will be greatly missed.
05/07/03 Kids set fire to our CNJ caboose! Story and photos.
10/25/03 The 3rd Annual Pumpkin Festival was great fun. The weather co-operated and the C&S ran fine. The Mayor drove the tractor for the hay ride and we had kids of all ages coming to ride the train. Mayor Wyant gave a re-election speech at the old CNJ station detailing the town's commitment to a railroad museum. Click here for a transcript of that speech.
05/02/04 Spring Open House -
06/20/04 Centerville & Southwestern Night -
07/11/04 Summer Open House -
07/23/04 The weather was great for Ole Town Festival. Ridership was good on the Centerville & Southwestern.
09/12/04 Fall Open House - Our fall Open House went well. We had quite a few visitors to the Museum.
10/30/04 Fourth Annual Pumpkin Festival -
12/--/04 Fourth Annual Santa Train -
05/01/05 Spring Open House -
06/25/05 Centerville & Southwestern Night -
07/10/05 Summer Open House -
07/22/05 The weather was great for Ole Town Festival. Ridership was good on the Centerville & Southwestern.
09/11/05 Fall Open House - Our fall Open House went well. We had quite a few visitors to the Museum.
10/29/05 Fifth Annual Pumpkin Festival -
11/12/05 Tidewater tank car moved from ITT Bayonne to the Museum. Click to see digital photos.
12/04/05 Fifth Annual Santa Train -
05/07/06 Spring Open House - The 2006 season started out well. Ridership was steady all day and donations were wonderful. Thanks again to Just Born of Bethlehem, PA for donating Mike & Ike candy for our Open Houses.
06/24/06 Centerville & Southwestern Night -
07/09/06 Summer Open House -
07/21/06 The weather was great for Ole Town Festival. Ridership was good on the Centerville & Southwestern.
09/10/06 Fall Open House - Our fall Open House went well. We had quite a few visitors to the Museum.
10/28/06 Sixth Annual Pumpkin Festival - Wow, great weather and great turnout! The C&S was busy all day, ridership was packed. Lots of the donated Mike & Ikes were given out to all the kids.
12/03/06 Sixth Annual Santa Train - We lucked out again. It stopped raining about an hour before we opened. Santa was very busy, lots and lots of kids. Not more than a half hour after closing, it started to rain again.
04/00/07 We received a slate dump car from a quarry. I need to fill in more info.
05/06/07 Spring Open House - The 2007 season started out with great weather. Ridership started out slow in the morning but picked up well in the afternoon. NS had a couple of nice trains for us on the Lehigh Line. Thanks again to Just Born of Bethlehem, PA for donating Mike & Ike candy for our Open Houses.
07/08/07 Summer Open House - Stay tuned - details will follow.
06/07/08 PRRH attended the Roseland Centenial. Making the trip, in addition to the C&S Becker Dairy Farms reefer #5419, was Bob & Evelyn Bennington, Earle Brotzman, Paul Carpenito, Bill Marz and Steve Winter. We spent the day talking to folks that remembered the C&S when it ran in Roseland. Many were surprised to find that the train was operating once again in Phillipsburg. We had many friends say that they will attend one of our open houses so that they can once again ride the Centerville & Southwestern.
06/24/08 Lights are on for the first time in the carshop. The lights have been mounted and wired and Glenn threw the switch for the "official" lighting.