A 501C3 non-profit organization

2020 Elected and Appointed Officials


President - Paul Carpenito

Vice President - William Pensyl

Chief Mechanical Officer - Glen Terminelli

Treasurer - Margaret Carpenito

Secretary - Carl Pierson


Ron Luckock

Bill Timmann

John Boner

Other Positions:

Centerville and Southwestern Operations - Glenn Terminelli

Newsletter Editors - Paul Carpenito and Pete Blaess

Volunteer Hours - John Ward

Membership - Robert Marinelli

Webmaster - Robert Marinelli and Pete Blaess

Planned Director's Meeting Dates for 2020

Director's meetings are usually held on a Monday in the PRRH museum library (10 Pine Alley, Phillipsburg, NJ, 08865) at 7:15 pm.
In case of inclement weather, call Paul Carpenito at 610.826.2580 for meeting status.

January 13th
February 10th

Meetings canceled due to Corona virus.
March 16th
April 13th
May 18th

June 15th
July 13th

August 17th

September 14th

Remaining 2020 board meetings will be on an "as needed" basis and only open to board members.

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