CNJ Box Car #21449

Here is some background information on the ARHS CNJ boxcar #21449.
The car was built in 1927 by Bethlehem Steel Co. in Johnstown, PA. It was one of an 800 car order placed by the CNJ in 1926. One half of the order was built by Bethlehem Steel; the other half by Standard Steel Car Company. This was the CNJ's first order of all steel boxcars. They were 40 foot, 50 ton class XM cars. A few remained on the CNJ roster until the Conrail era. The 21449 was put in company service, maintainance-of-way and renumbered 92079, probably in the 1960's. It languished for years out of service in Bethlehem and was aquired by the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society in 1997, literally days before it was to be cut up for scrap. Arrangements were made to move the car to the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians site in Phillipsburg, NJ.
Since movement to Phillipsburg, the car has been repainted and relettered to its original number. The statue herald will be installed as soon as the stencil is completed. Efforts may be made to straighten the car after the mishap in loading the car twisted one end of the car.

In November 2013, the ARHS donate the box car to PRRH. We plan to do restoration work on it in the near future.
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(Information provided by C. Davis Palmer - ARHS, PRRH)