IR - GE 44 Ton Locomotive
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The Phillipsburg Railroad Historians needed to move their Ingersoll-Rand GE 44 ton locomotive from the storage area in the old PRR Bel-Del yard to their museum, a distance of about two miles. The problem they had was that the engine was heavier than anything that they had moved before. Through a network of somebody knew somebody that knew somebody else, the New Jersey National Guard, 50th Main Support Battalion, Company B got the call.

On March 26,1998, the National Guard arrived in Phillipsburg with an Army Abrams M1 Tank Transporter, capable of transporting equipment weighing 65 tons or more.

These six photos are a big "Thank You". We would never have gotten it done without you!

A hole was dug at the end of the siding and rail was continued onto the transporter.
  Date: March 26, 1998
Location: Former Bel-Del Yard, Phillipsburg, NJ
Photo: Rick Glosser