PRRH Fall Open House
Fall 1998
Photos by PRRH

Jim Anderson directs Engineer Glenn Terminelli as he backs the Centerville & Southwestern out of the container and onto the main line.

Glenn is backing the C&S to couple onto the rear portion on the train.

Jim signals that the coupling is almost complete.

The gladhands are connected and an air test done.

Glenn and Jim inspect the train before the first passenger run of the day.

The C&S has backed into the station and is awaiting its' first passengers.

Engineer Glenn keeps an eye on his passengers.

A full load for the C&S.

Conrail trains on the Lehigh Line are a familiar sight at our Open Houses. This one looks like it has enough motive power on it.

C&S FA 1503 and Lehigh Valley box car #65627, ex C&S 5627.

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