Ole Towne Festival
July 27, 2007
Photos by Pete Blaess

P'burg held the first night of its annual Ole Towne Fest tonight. Despite a less than perfect forecast PRRH opened its doors and fired up the C&S in a show of support for this event. The sound of the horn on the 1503 was all that was needed to get a steady stream of passengers starting at 6 pm. At 6:16 the sun was only partially obscured by low clouds.

The view from atop the X-29 boxcar at 6:54.

Ominous clouds were rapidly approaching at 7:22.

That nasty looking line of clouds in the photo above brought with it a period of heavy rain about 10 minutes after that shot was taken. The C&S was sheltered in the engine house till the rain passed.

After the rain the train was put back in service. As darkness fell a small lantern was lit so the conductors hand signals would be visible. Here is a 2.5 second time exposure. Pat repositions himself in the cab to sit side saddle while Paul gives the clear signal. John was conductor for most of the night but in this shot he was acting as dispatcher. Form D, circle line two, operate in a west direction, proceed past the stop signal at CP Cross Street.

As the last run of the night concluded the sky opened up again with a torrential downpour. Just before then I took this shot of the Soldiers and Sailors monument in Shappell park.

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