Autumn Open House
September 7, 2008
Photos by Pete Blaess


The September Open house was today. After a brief flurry of patrons the traffic slowed down in the afternoon. Maybe the first Sunday of the regular NFL season had armchair quarterbacks watching TV instead of getting out on a beautiful day.

A new addition to the antique's on display was this Farmall tractor from the early '60's.

The track crane has been completed and now has an engine. In the picture above Rod Larish of the Lehigh Valley Chapter is at the controls of their Mack Railbus as he makes the reverse move passing the track crane on the way back to the engine house.

John Boner takes Ann for a spin on the recently reanimated track crane. Looks like she's enjoying herself!

The North Jersey guys and the Lehigh Valley Chapter had people on hand to show off their equipment. I'm sure Paul will go into more detail about the open house in the upcoming newsletter.

Just a short one today. Take care!

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