Ole Fashioned Autumn
October 27, 2007
Digital Photo by Rob Hooper

The Lehigh Valley Chapter's 1922 Mack Railbus moves out under its own power over the new section of track.
The trackwork was completed only a couple of hours before the move. The railbus was moved down the track and past the switches so that the North Jersey Electric Railroaders could move the freight trucks out from under their PS trolley for storage behind the L&HR gondola. The North Jersey guys then moved the recently acquired power trucks under the trolley.

John Boner watches as the railbus slowly rolls through the switches. The west switch is almost completed, the throw bar and guard rails have to be added.

The railbus slowly makes it's way back to the enginehouse.

The south track is yet to be installed, but with the north track now tied together, movements are possible from the enginehouse all the way to the museum building.

Passengers on board the railbus enjoying the first run of the railbus under its own power. This photo also shows the great work the Lehigh Valley Chapter is doing restoring the railbus to its former glory.

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