PRRH Ole Fashion Autumn
October 18, 2008
Digital Photos by Pete Blaess
Greetings all,
PRRH fired up the 1503 today to coincide with the Town of Phillipsburg Old Fashioned Autumn Festival. The North Jersey Electric Railroaders and the LV Chapter were there as well, both showing off the fruits of their labor. This year Paul finally managed to get the Town of Roseland to organize a bus trip to visit the C&S. The bus was full and all seemed to enjoy their visit to our site.

All the work Meg and Paul do for their church must be paying off because we have been blessed with nearly perfect weather for almost all of our open house events.

Paul Carpenito punches tickets for the first group to make the trip to Centerville while Bob Bennington (at the throttle) talks with Glenn Terminelli. It took 3 trains to get everyone from the bus to the engine house.

Upon arrival in Centerville the Roselanders were given an explanation of the workings of a trolley by the North Jersey Electric Railroaders. NS 21M passed by trolley 3651 prior to the arrival of the Roseland group.

Next stop, LV Chapter/NRHS President Tom Scharpf spoke to a packed house and gave a history of the railbus. Tom also brought his antique Model A Ford which I only have on video.

Before the Roseland group had finished inspecting all our site has to offer, people at the pumpkin fest heard the 1503 horn and started coming over to get in on the action.

John Boner fired up the track crane and brought it down to the engine house for inspection.

The track crane move got quite a bit of attention as people waited for the C&S to ferry them to the museum.

Here the first trainload of Roselanders board at Centerville for the return trip to the museum building. Earle Brotzman (center) works on getting all the doors open for our guests. Earle also brought some of his famous circus display for all to view.

Phillipsburg City Council President David DeGerolamo (center) and councilman James Shelly (right) came to ride the Centerville & Southwestern. In this photo PRRH President Paul Carpenito smiles after convincing that little chatter box, the one with pretty auburn locks, to smile and face the camera. If the photographer was smart he would have taken more than just one picture.

I took some HiDef video today also, you'll have to come to the next PRRH banquet if you would like to see that. We would like to see you there too!

Take care,


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