Jersey Central Chapter NRHS Picnic
June 7, 1998
Photos by PRRH

In the fall of 1998, PRRH hosted the Jersey Central Chapter NRHS Annual Picnic. Good food, good company, C&S rides and NS Lehigh Line action, what more could you ask for?
Here the guys are putting up the tent for the picnic.

The C&S is backing down the main to the station, bringing supples to the Museum building. In the background, you can see the tent already up.

Paul Carpenito takes a run in the 1503 as engineer for the special day.
Doesn't Paul remind you of a certain comedic songster?

The 1503 under Paul's control, zooming along the main.
One thing that grows well on concrete peers ... poison ivy!

Engineer Paul manages to bring the C&S to a halt in Centerville where the members could get off the train and grab some great food at the food tent.

Engineer Keith Muldowney has taken over the controls of the C&S from Paul. Here he is, waiting for the next train load of visitors.

The 1503 is gathering as large a crowd as the food tent. PRRH member Ed Beers is waiting on the chicken and hamburgers. I think our cooks are Ed Meyers and the young lady is our own Meg Carpenito, but .... If I'm wrong, let me know.

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