MAY 30, 2009
Greetings all !

After months of negotiation the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians have acquired a 25 ton GE engine. We moved it to our site from Easton today.

We started at 0700 at the old Alstom (formerly Ingersoll Rand) plant on Lehigh Drive in Easton.
Here, (L-R) Cheryl and Bob Daumer, Glenn Terminelli, Paul Carpenito and Rich Frantz await the arrival of the crane.

Dave Schomp, Jr., and Dave Schomp, Sr. arrive with the crane and the action begins.

Dave steadies the engine as Bob backs in the lowboy.

Final adjustments are made to the rigging prior to leaving for P'Burg.

A couple of photo ops, then off we go.

(L-R) Paul Carpenito, Glenn Terminelli, Cheryl Daumer, Dave Schomp, Dave Schomp, Jr. and Bob Daumer.
Our good friend Tim Wynkoop and photographer par excellance was assigned by the Express-Times to cover this move. He took pictures at multiple locations in Phillipsburg.
If you don't get the paper you can check their web site:

As with every big move we do at the PRRH site we must be aware of any NS movement on the Lehigh Line. The crane was in place however moving the engine was halted until NS 21M passed.

Bob Daumer backed his rig all the way from the parking lot and made it look easy. After some clearance problems between the lowboy trailer and the tracks were overcome the engine was ready to be lifted.
Photos and narative by Pete Blaess
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