MAY 30, 2009
Part 2

Dave Schomp gives the finger to his operator, ummm, instructing him to lift the engine.

Dave, Bob, Cheryl and Paul play spin the critter to position it in line over the tracks. Paul seems to be enjoying this.

Four wheels now on steel, Paul gives Dave a heart felt handshake for this move and all the other great things he's done to help PRRH.

Every inch of open space on the east end of the engine house was used for equipment.
Anyone have a shoe horn handy?

As ornery as a python on steroids, Dave and Glenn fight with the spreader cable to get it back in Dave's truck.

After the work of stowing all the shims, cables, chains, blocks, ramps, etc was done, Paul tracked down two other faithful friends, Cheryl and Bob, to thank them once again for another job well done.

One final photo op before the tonner is put in the engine house. (L-R) Paul Carpenito, Cheryl Daumer, Bob Daumer, Dave Schomp, Mike Rowe (not!)Dave Schomp, Jr., Glenn Terminelli and Earle Brotzman.

OK, let's get this thing put away! A couple of the North Jersey ERT&HS guys hook the engine to the tractor as Glenn waits to pull it into the engine house.
The tonner hasn't been used for a couple of years so getting it moving took a little finesse as only Glenn could do without breaking the chain or getting it rolling so fast it ran over the tractor.

Now it sits in our shop ready for rehab.
Rick Glosser was also at the site taking stills so look forward to his email with more shots taken with his great eye!
Photos and narative by Pete Blaess
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