Surviving CNJ Cabooses
City State Road
Number Description - Condition - Owner
Peoria IL CNJ   as West Jersey 79, ex-PREX 10, steel, cupola, Pioneer Railcorp, Pioneer Industrial Park, from NJ
Hopedale MA CNJ ? ex-Raritan River Railroad, Grafton & Upton Yard, Depot Street, burned
White Marsh MD CNJ   as Jackknife Control, wood, cupola, Contractor Yard, US 40, poor condition
Boonton NJ CNJ   wood, New Jersey Transit Station, poor condition?
Florence? NJ CNJ   wood, cupola, blt.'27, PRR Station, Delaware & Railroad Ave., 609-898-1418, TO Blackwood, NJ?
Midland Park NJ CNJ   wood, Larry's Model Trains, NYS&W Wortendyke Station
Winslow NJ CNJ   wood, cupola, Rosedale Nursery, 733 S. Egg Harbor Road, 1 mile south of tracks, 609-561-9500
East Goshen Twp. PA CNJ   no markings, wood, Mel Venti, 101 North Chester Road at Manley Road, FOR SALE
Latrobe PA CNJ   wood, cupola, no trucks, Ice Cream Shop, Depot Restaurant
Lewisburg PA CNJ   as RDG 92827, steel, cupola, West Shore Rail Excursions, Delta Place Station, Rt 15, 2 miles north
Vera Cruz PA CNJ   no markings, steel, cupola, Acorn & Bleiler Roads, Rob Roy, owner
Whippany? NJ CNJ 91145 built 1942, Whippany Railway Museum, GONE TO?
Farmingdale NJ CNJ 91155 wood, 3' trucks, Class NEa, blt.'03 from 1874 boxcar, Pine Creek RR, NJ Museum of Transport.
Phillipsburg NJ CNJ 91197 wood, cupola, built from boxcar 1902, Park, Phillipsburg RR Historians, Cross Street & Pine Alley
Farmingdale NJ CNJ 91245 wood, on 3' trucks, built from boxcar 1902, Pine Creek Railroad, NJ Museum of Transportation
Buckingham PA CNJ 91309 wood, Kaufel Gardens Florist Shop & Greenhouse, Rt 413, 215-598-8238
Weatherly PA CNJ 91343 wood, built from boxcar 1902, TrainWorks Museum, Kermit Geary Jr., Mike Bast, Troy Rogers, from Rail Tours Inc.
Blackwood NJ CNJ 91345 as Blackwood Lake Trail, wood, cupola, Clementon Rd. & Church St./Rt 534, from Florence, NJ?
Jim Thorpe? PA CNJ 91507 ex-CR 18887, steel, cupola, Class N4B, Andrew & David Hudock, owners, FOR SALE
Jim Thorpe PA CNJ 91516 ex-CR 18883, steel, cupola, Class N4B, David R. Gamble, owner, from Renovo & Cressona, PA
Duncansville PA CNJ 91517 as Everett 91517R, ex-CR 18884, steel, cupola, US 22, with other equipment
Whippany NJ CNJ 91529 steel, cupola, Class N4B, Morristown & Erie Railway Yard, Rt 10, private owner
Lititz PA CNJ 91530 as fake RDG 92984, ex-CR 18878, steel, cupola, Class N4B, Station Welcome Ctr., ex-Jim Thorpe
Harrison NJ CNJ 91535 steel, cupola, Class N4B, Supor & Son Trucking Co., burned, from Ringoes & Liberty State Park
Middletown PA CNJ 91537 steel, cupola, Class N4B, built May 1942, Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad
New London OH CNJ 91539 steel, cupola, Class N4B, North Point Storage Depot, Rt 60
Ridgefield Park NJ CNJ 91544 as CR 18863, steel, cupola, Class N4B, built 6/42, United Railroad Historical Soc. of NJ
Kutztown? PA CNJ 91545 ex-CR 18882, steel, cupola, Class N4B, Walter Matuch, owner, GOING TO Bayonne, NJ?
List made available from Roger Kirkpatrick and the RRcaboose Yahoo Group
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