Ancora NJ ?   2' gauge, Haluwasa Short Line RR, Camp Haluwasa, Riverview & Woodside RR?
Ancora NJ ?   wood, cupola, 2' gauge, Haluwasa Short Line RR, Camp Haluwasa, Riverview & Woodside RR?
Bayonne? NJ CNJ 91545 ex-CR 18882, steel, cupola, Class N4B, Walter Matuch, owner, from Kutztown, PA
Bayonne NJ NS   as Port Jersey Railroad (no #), steel, cupola, 203 Port Jersey Blvd., Jersey City, 201-434-8373
Blackwood NJ CNJ 91345 as Blackwood Lake Express, wood, cupola, Clementon Rd. & Church St., ex-Gloucester Twp., NJ
Blairstown NJ PRR 478127 ex-PC/CR?, steel, stream. cupola, Class N8, Sunset Xmas Tree Farm, Kerr's Corner Rd., 4 SALE
Blairstown NJ ERIE?   ex-CR?, steel, cupola, built 1942, Town Hall, from Sunset Xmas Tree Farm, Blairstown, NJ
Boonton? NJ CNJ   wood, cupola, New Jersey Transit Station, poor condition, burned, GONE/SCRAPPED?
Boonton NJ RDG 92887 as CR 18752, steel, cupola, Class N4, blt. 3/41, United RR Hist. Soc., West Yard, x-Ridgefield Park
Bridgeport NJ PC 18276 SMS 94033, ex-CR 18276, steel/transfer, ClassN9, blt'69, SMS Rail Services, Pureland Ind. Complex
Bridgeport NJ ?   no markings, steel, cupola, SMS Rail Services Office, Pureland Industrial Complex
Bridgeton NJ ERIE C186? as Winchester & Western Railroad 10186, steel, cupola, Yard, with other railroad equipment
Camden NJ NH   no markings, ex-PC/CR, steel, cupola, blt.'42, Children's Garden, near Aquarium, USS NJ & Del. R.
Camden NJ PRR 477863 ex-PC/CR 23069, steel, streamlined. cupola, Class N5C, Juniata Terminal, NJT Yard, ex-Phila./PA
Cardiff NJ L&HR 94 wood, cupola, built from milk car, Storybook Land Park, near Pleasantville, NJ
Earle NJ ?   as USN 63-00239, steel, cupola, Naval Weapons Station Guard Car
Earle NJ ?   as USN 63-00240, steel, cupola, Naval Weapons Station Guard Car
Fanwood NJ CNJ 91544 ex-CR 18863, steel, cupola, Class N4B, blt.'42, Station, Martine & South Aves., from Ridgefield Pk.
Farmingdale NJ CNJ 91155 wood, cupola, 3' trucks, Class NEa, blt.'03 from 1874 boxcar, Pine Creek RR, NJ Mus. of Transport.
Farmingdale NJ CNJ 91245 wood, cupola, on 3' trucks, built from boxcar 1902, Pine Creek Railroad, NJ Museum of Trans.
Farmingdale NJ DL&W 604 ex-DL&W 0109/Raritan River 7, wood, cupola, no trucks, blt.'11, Pine Creek RR, NJ Mus. of Trans.
Farmingdale NJ PCRR 5 wood, cupola, 4 wheel, built from log car frame 1954, Pine Creek Railroad, NJ Museum of Trans.
Freehold NJ SCL 0859 as Carlton Station/Freehold, ex-SBD/CSXT 20859, Carlton Realty, Throckmorton Street
Hamilton NJ RDG   steel, cupola, built 4/70, Savoy's Restaurant, Rt 130, 1 mile south of I-195, with boxcar
Harmony Twp. NJ L&HR 12 wood, cupola, Jim Smith, Sanico Trash & Recycling/Rt 46, 908-475-3300, Rebuilt, on display at headquarters
Harrison NJ CNJ 91535 steel, cupola, Class N4B, Supor & Son Trucking Co., burned, from Ringoes & Liberty State Park
Jersey City NJ EL C374 as NJTR 904, ex-D&H 35811, steel/bay window, NJ Transit, Liberty St.Pk., w/baggage car & boxcar
Kinnelon NJ ERIE C119 as CR 46111R, ex-EL C119, steel, cupola, DL&W trucks, Carmin Iuele, 24 Ricker Road, off CR 618
Kinnelon NJ NYS&W 0116 as Critelli Railroad, steel, cupola, Brook Valley Rd., off Rt 504, near I-287, with 0-4-0?T steam loco
Lambertville NJ RDG?   steel, cupola, PRR Station Restaurant, Bridge Street, with boxcar
Long Branch NJ DL&W 907 as EL C907, built on tender frame at Keyser Valley Shops, Casey Jones Restaurant, w/2 boxcars
Mahwah NJ ERIE 04940 no markings, wood, cupola, Depot
Maywood NJ PC 24542 as MSHC 24542, ex-CR 24542, steel, small bay window, Class N12, Station, Maywood Ave., w/loco
Midland Park NJ CNJ   wood, cupola, Hot Dog Caboose, NYS&W Wortendyke Sta., DeHeer Ct. & Central Ave., w/coach
Milford NJ N&W 555095 as Belvidere & Delaware River Railway 595, steel, cupola, 908-782-9600, at Ringoes, NJ?
Moorestown NJ PRSL   Steel, cupola?, LOCATION?, behind house
Mount Holly NJ NYC 18090 ex-PC/CR 18090, steel, transfer, as coach, Class N6A, Shania's Depot Diner, Madison Ave./Rt 691
Mount Holly NJ NYC 21044 as McDonald's RR, ex-PC/CR 21044, steel, bay window, Class N-7B, built 6/63, McDonald's, Rt 38
Newfoundland NJ ERIE C224 no markings, steel, cupola, NYS&W Station, Bill Gentz, owner, 201-825-7448, FOR SALE?
Newfoundland NJ PRR 985190 ex-Morris County Central, wood, cupola, NYS&W Depot
Newport NJ ERIE C3?? no markings, ex-EL C3??/Conrail 211??, Steel bay window, Rt. 533, LOCATION?
North Bergen NJ ?   Conrail Yard, Tonnelle Avenue/Rts 1 & 9
Ocean Gate City NJ PRR 477212 ex-PC 19021/Amtrak 14006, steel, cupola, Class N5, Information Center, from Metuchen, NJ
Passaic NJ ERIE C121 as EL C121, steel, cupola, New York & Greenwood Lake Railway, from Albion, PA, poor condition
Passaic NJ ERIE C262 no markings, x-EL C262/CR 19664, steel, cupola, New York & Greenwood Lake, x-Reinholds, PA
Passaic NJ ERIE C340 ex-EL C340/CR 21110, steel/bay window, NY & Greenwood Lake Rwy, ex-Suffern/NY&Garfield/NJ
Passaic NJ NYC?   wood, cupola, Check Cashing, Main Avenue, at Passaic River
Pemberton NJ CNJ 91291? wood, cupola, no markings, PRR Depot Museum, poor condition, from Kirby Mills, NJ?
Pemberton NJ PRR   wood, cupola missing, Class N6B, blt.'09/11?, PRR Depot Mus., from Mt. Holly, NJ, very poor cond.
Pemberton NJ PRR   wood, bay window, outside braced, Class NX23, PRR Depot Mus., poor cond., from Altoona, PA
Pemberton NJ PRR 478016 ex-PC/CR 23147, steel, streamlined cupola, Class N5C, blt.'42, PRR Depot Museum, poor cond.
Phillipsburg NJ CNJ 91197 wood, cupola, built 1902, Phillipsburg Railroad Historians, 10 Pine Alley, poor condition
Phillipsburg NJ L&HR 16 wood, cupola, Phillipsburg Railroad Historians, 10 Pine Alley
Phillipsburg NJ L&HR 18 ex-L&HR 13, wood, cupola, Phillipsburg Railroad Historians, 10 Pine Alley
Pompton Lakes NJ NYS&W 0111 steel, cupola, NYS&W Station, Lakeside & Wanaque Avenues
Port Monmouth? NJ PRR?   ex-NJT, steel, cupola, Class N5, Depot, RailTrail, Carter Avenue, off Rt 36, GONE TO?
Port Murray NJ ERIE C178 ex-EL 178/CR 46107, steel, cupola, Main St. & Port Murray Rd., Tri State Chap., from Plainfield, NJ
Richland NJ CNJ 91392 wood, cupola, Patcong Valley Railroad Club, Saw Mill Park, Rt 40
Richland NJ PRR 477466 as CR 19033R, ex-PC 19033, Class N5, Saw Mill Park, Rt 40, from Campground, Buena, NJ
Ridgefield Park? NJ PC 18303 ex-CR 18303, steel, transfer, Class N9, built 9/68, United RR Hist. Soc. of NJ, GONE TO Tuckahoe?
Ridgefield Park NJ PRR   no markings, ex-PC/CR, Class N5B, Police Firing Range
Ringoes NJ ATSF 999096 as fake Wabash 2727, ex-CSS&SB 10003, steel, cupola, Black River & Western, from Mich.City, IN
Ringoes NJ B&O C2440 ex-B&O/B&P 902440,steel/bay window/wagon top, Black River & Western RR, from Cressona, PA
Ringoes NJ C&O 904133 as TVRM 133, steel, bay window, Black River & Western RR, from Hardin, KY, Chattanooga, TN
Ringoes NJ D&RGW 01417 steel, cupola, Black River & Western Railroad, CR 579
Ringoes NJ D&RGW 01422 steel, cupola, Black River & Western Railroad, CR 579
Ringoes NJ ERIE C140 ex-CR 46106, steel, cupola, built 1940 at Dunmore, PA, Black River & Western RR, private owner
Ringoes NJ ERIE C330 CR 21141, x-EL C330, steel, bay window, Class N7D, BR&W, Mark Krisandra, x-Duncansville, PA
Ringoes NJ LV 95106 ex-CR 18687, steel, cupola, blt. Sayre, PA, '45, Black River & Western RR, CR 579, poor condition
Ringoes NJ MEC 645 steel, wide vision, Black River & Western Railroad, CR 579
Ringoes NJ NYC 20321 as BR&W 474/x-NYC/PC/CR 21541/Belvidere&Delaware 474, steel/small bay window, Class N7A
Ringoes NJ PC 24531 as CR 24531, steel, small bay window, Class N12, Black River & Western Railroad, CR 579
Ringoes NJ PRR 477375 steel, cupola, Class N5B?, Black River & Western Railroad
Ringoes NJ RDG 90737 ex-Black River & Western 200, ex-Cornwall 900, steel, cupola, Class NMd, built 1924, BR&W RR
Rockaway Twp.? NJ PRR?   as NJT 902, steel, cupola, Class N5, Southard Salvage, FOR SALE
Rumson NJ N&W?   no markings, wood, cupola, no trucks, Rumson Road & Bingham Avenue, from Sea Bright, NJ
Secaucus NJ NH   no markings, steel, cupola, Class NE5, Secaucus Duck Pond Park, Metro Way, off County Avenue
Spotswood NJ ERIE 04949 wood, cupola, no trucks, built 1929, Regina Montrey, Mundy Avenue, from Ohio
South Plainfield NJ ERIE C328 as CR 21137, ex-EL C328, steel, bay window, Class N7D, Bass Trans., rear of LV/CR Yard, 4 SALE
Three Bridges NJ RRR   cupola, side door, 3' ga., Raritan River Rwy, Northlandz Great American Rwy Mus., 495 Hwy 202
Tuckahoe NJ PC   as 14034, ex-Amtrak, steel, transfer, Class N11, Cape May Seashore Lines, from Rio Grande, NJ
Tuckahoe NJ PRR 477662 as 477662, x-PC 22891/CR 20027, steel/cupola/ClassN5B, Cape May Seashore Lines, x-Rio Grande
Vineland NJ PRR 478038 ex-CR 23385, Class N8, LOCATION?
Wayne NJ ERIE 04927 fake Santa Fe, wood, cupola, Partners in Research Office, JacksonAve/Hamburg Tpke, w/coach
West Portal NJ CNJ   wood, cupola, built 1902, Turkey Hill Road, attached to house
(additional information coming).
West Portal NJ LV 95099 ex-CR 18669, steel, cupola, Bill Savaki, owner, near Spain Inn Restaurant, 1043 Hwy 173
Whippany NJ CNJ 91529 steel, cupola, Class N4B, Morristown & Erie Railway Yard, Rt 10, private owner
Whippany NJ C&O 903563 as RRPX 3563, steel, cupola, Whippany RR Museum, from Pittsburg Trans. Mus., Pittsburg, PA
Whippany NJ DL&W 4 as Morristown & Erie 1, ex-Black River & Western 1, wood, cupola, bobber, blt. 1899, Whippany Ry Mus.
Whippany NJ DL&W 896 as CR 19909, steel, cupola, Class N8D, blt. 2/54, Morristown & Erie Rwy Yard, TriState Chap/NRHS
Whippany NJ D&H 3572? as NJTR 905, steel, bay window, Whippany Railroad Musuem, 201-887-8177
Whippany NJ D&H 35886 wood, cupola, built 1913, Whippany Railway Museum, 201-887-8177
Whippany NJ ERIE C177 ex-CR 46197, steel, cupola, built 1945, Jersey Central Chap., NRHS, Whippany Railway Museum
Whippany NJ EL C372 as NJTR 907, ex-D&H 35809, steel, bay window, Whippany RR Museum, From NJT, Netcong, NJ
Whippany NJ LNE 580 steel, cupola, Whippany RR Museum, Tri State/NRHS, from Steamtown, VT & Port Murray, NJ
Whippany NJ NH   no markings, ex-Raritan River 10, cupola, Whippany RR Mus, Tri State/NRHS, from Port Murray, NJ
Whippany NJ NYC 21041 as ME 21041/x-PC/CR 21041, steel/bay window, Class N7B, M&E Ry, Al Ludeke, x-JimThorpe/PA
Whippany NJ NYS&W 0112 as Morristown & Erie 4, steel, cupola, blt.'48, Lake Jct., w/SL&Q diesel, from Morristown & Wharton
Whippany NJ PRR 477823 ex-PC/CR 23020, steel, streamlined cupola, Class N5C, blt.'42, Morristown & Erie, ex-Cedar Knolls
Whippany NJ SOO 100 as M&E 100, ex-Whippany Railroad Museum 100, steel, wide vision, from Morristown, NJ
Whippany? NJ CNJ 91145 wood?, cupola?, built 1942?, Whippany Railway Museum, GONE TO?
Winslow NJ CNJ   wood, cupola, Rosedale Nursery, 733 S. Egg Harbor Road, 1 mile south of tracks, 609-561-9500
Winslow Junction NJ LV 95002 as Southern Railroad of New Jersey 95002, ex-CR 18645, steel, cupola, J. Petaccio, owner
Winslow Junction NJ LV 95070 as CR 18683, steel, cupola, built 6/39, Amsterdam Leasing, Southern RR of NJ Yard, FOR SALE
Winslow Junction NJ L&HR 14 wood, cupola, Southern Railroad of NJ, Joe Pasticho, owner
Winslow Junction NJ MEC 670 as We're Rolling for South Jersey SRNJ C-670, steel, wide vision, Sou. RR of NJ, from Canaan, CT
Winslow Junction NJ PRR 479715 as Amtrak 14008, ex-PC 19023, built 4/19, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard, GONE TO?
Wycoff NJ ?   wood, cupola, Hot Dog Stand, Depot, with coach
List made available from Roger Kirkpatrick and the RRcaboose Yahoo Group. Last updated 05/02/11
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