NS Maersk engine through Phillipsburg!!
Be patient, page contains 4 digital photos.

According to the latest report from ERN, NS SD40-2 #3329 was sent to Enola, PA earlier this week, where it received some maintenance and was evaluated before being readied to go to Canadian National Railway for horsepower hour repayment. The unit was shipped to Allentown early this morning (February 13, 2003) on train 33A and was quickly scurried off on a New Jersey-turn local, H65, before it is scheduled to be added to a west/northbound 41T train.
Norfolk Southern local H65-13 had the NS SD40-2 # 3329 painted in the "MAERSK-SEALAND" paint scheme February 13, 2002 @ 1104 hours at CP PHILLIPSBURG on the Washington Secondary.
The 3329 is dirty now with oil spray on her but still worth the shots.
Digital Photos by Rick Glosser
Information from Eastern Rail News
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